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Learn about Postural Orthostatic Tachycardia Syndrome (POTS). Gain insight from other patients and from top POTS doctors. Our goal is to raise awareness, nurture community, and empower patients with information and practical skills for living ...more

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October 18, 2022 00:52:45
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E93: Viral epidemics are related to myalgic encephalomyelitis (ME) and POTS with Dr. Byron Hyde

What does polio have to do with myalgic encephalomyetlitis (ME) and POTS? You'll have to listen to this episode with Dr. Hyde, a top...



October 15, 2022 00:32:36
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E92: Jenna from Oregon, loves children but struggles with her stamina to work

Jenna is married and trying to live her best life despite POTS. Symptoms began early, but didn't stop her from playing college volleyball. Napping...



October 11, 2022 00:48:56
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E91: The Importance of Vitamin D for those with Autoimmune Disorders with Dr. Eduardo Beltran

Dr. Beltran explains physiological dosing of vitamin D, leaky gut syndrome as it relates to gluten, and much more in this episode of The...



October 04, 2022 00:41:56
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E90: POTS, Small Fiber Neuropathy, and Mystery Symptoms with Dr. David Saperstein

Many people with POTS also have small fiber neuropathy - the small nerves in their legs are decreased in number and activity. Dr. Saperstein...



October 01, 2022 00:29:55
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E89: Anna from New York City, college dancer and photographer

Anna grew up dancing and wanted to be a pro. After a bout with mono, her legs started giving out randomly. She was diagnosed...



September 27, 2022 00:52:08
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E88: Three Types of POTS with Dr. Cathy Pederson

Many like to think about POTS as having three subtypes - hyperadrenergic, neuropathic, and hypovolemic. We discuss these subtypes, their causes, associated symptoms, and...

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