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Learn about Postural Orthostatic Tachycardia Syndrome (POTS). Gain insight from other patients and from top POTS doctors. Our goal is to raise awareness, nurture community, and empower patients with information and practical skills for living ...more

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May 09, 2023 00:40:15
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E137: Update on Long COVID with Dr. Noah Greenspan

Dr. Noah Greenspan returns to the show to update us on long COVID patients. He also discusses recovery strategies for COVID, prevention of long...



May 06, 2023 00:28:02
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E136: POTS Diary with Hannah from South Carolina, who developed POTS after a traumatic brain injury

Hannah fell after getting a vaccination, and this caused significant brain trauma. As a result, she developed both POTS and SIADH (syndrome of inappropriate...



May 02, 2023 00:44:24
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E135: Gastrointestinal Manifestations of MCAS with Dr. Leonard Weinstock

Dr. Weinstock, a gastroenterologist who is a leading expert on MCAS, discusses mast cells in the context of the GI tract. Bloating, gas, SIBO,...



April 29, 2023 00:22:11
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E134: POTS Diary with Jessie, who was diagnosed with POTS as a teen but didn't receive treatment until much later

Jesse's journey through POTS was a little different. She was diagnosed fairly quickly, but it took years for her to find a doctor who...



April 25, 2023 00:39:13
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E133: The Foundations of Health with Dr. Gregory Plotnikoff

Dr. Plotnikoff practices holistic medicine, and thinks deeply about the role of healthcare for patients. He shares his views on honoring patients, considering alternative...



April 22, 2023 00:24:49
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E132: Katie from Ohio, who developed POTS as a teen and a more severe form after COVID

Katie developed POTS as a teen, and controlled it well enough to work as a respiratory therapist. A bout with COVID kicked her POTS...