E23: What to do when you've been gaslighted with Dr. Katie Gorman-Ezell

Episode 23 November 02, 2021 00:41:47
E23: What to do when you've been gaslighted with Dr. Katie Gorman-Ezell
The POTScast
E23: What to do when you've been gaslighted with Dr. Katie Gorman-Ezell

Nov 02 2021 | 00:41:47


Hosted By

Jill Brook Cathy Pederson

Show Notes

Many people with POTS and other chronic invisible illnesses have been gaslighted by the medical community and friends/family. How do you handle it when people tell you that your illness is all in your head? Find out in this episode of The POTScast, featuring Katie Gorman-Ezell, Ph.D., a practicing clinical social worker and Assistant Professor of Social Work at Ohio Dominican University as well as a member of the SUTP Board of Directors.

You can read the transcript for this episode here: https://tinyurl.com/s83zdyrk

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