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Learn about Postural Orthostatic Tachycardia Syndrome (POTS). Gain insight from other patients and from top POTS doctors. Our goal is to raise awareness, nurture community, and empower patients with information and practical skills for living better with this chronic invisible illness. If you are living with POTS, you are not alone! You can learn more about POTS by listening to our groundbreaking POTScast anywhere, anytime. Learn more at and follow our social media accounts @standinguptopots.

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Latest Episodes…

  1. Episode 28: POTS Diary with Henry from the United Kingdom

    Meet Henry from the UK, who suffers from POTS, EDS, and vestibular migraines. These disorders have greatly impacted his quality of life, especially in the 30 years prior to receiving a proper diagnosis. He is upbeat as he describes his experience with chronic illness, particularly as a male. You can read ...


  2. End of Year Giving

    We invite you to Stand Up to POTS with us this holiday season. All gifts are greatly appreciated as we fund advocacy projects like The POTScast as well as our Research Fund. To date, we have funded more than a quarter million dollars in original POTS research! Here's how you can ...


  3. Episode 27: Building Blood Volume with Nutritionist Jill Brook

    Listen to the new power couple of POTS - Mike and Jill Brook - as they discuss nutritional strategies to increase blood volume in POTS patients in hopes that it will help to decrease symptoms. They are funny and engaging as they share a ton of great tips, including the ...


  4. Episode 26: POTS Diary with Keeya from Minnesota on Blogs, Dogs, Ticks and Humor

    Keeya suffers from mast cell activation syndrome, POTS, and EDS. She appeared on EPSN with a story about her participation in a national dog competition with accommodations for her illness. It's a great story.  Find out how her symptoms have gone into remission! Her blog is: You can read the trancript ...


  5. Episode 25: Q-Collar as a Potential Treatment for POTS, with Dr. Heather Edgell

    Dr. Edgell is associate professor of kinesiology at York University in Toronto, Canada. She is researching a new potential treatment for POTS - the FDA approved Q collar (approved for other uses) that applied a small amount of pressure to the neck. Join us for this discussion of the device ...