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Learn about Postural Orthostatic Tachycardia Syndrome (POTS). Gain insight from other patients and from top POTS doctors. Our goal is to raise awareness, nurture community, and empower patients with information and practical skills for living ...more

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March 21, 2023 00:16:57
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E126: Home Infusions with Jonathan Abraham, RN BSN CCRN

Jonathan shares his experience as a nurse who has been doing home infusions for patients needing IVIG. He talks about the highs and lows...



March 18, 2023 00:32:51
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E125: POTS Diary with Dr. Alisha Alls, who suffered traumatic brain injury leading to her POTS

Dr. Alls suffered a traumatic brain injury, had her heart stop, and developed POTS as a teenager. She speaks eloquently about her life experiences...



March 14, 2023 00:47:30
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E124: Pregnancy in POTS Patients with Nurse and Doctoral Candidate Kate Morgan

Kate Morgan and her team just published a paper studying pregnancy in women with POTS. She found that having a baby is safe, as...



March 11, 2023 00:53:46
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E123: Argenx Clinical Trial on Post-COVID POTS

Registration is currently open for a clinical trial on post-COVID POTS investigating a new medication that might deplete autoantibodies and decrease POTS symptoms.This is...


March 09, 2023 00:02:25
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Research Study on The POTScast - please participate!

You can take this IRB approved survey at:   Requirements: You must be 18, have a chronic illness like POTS, and listen to The...



March 07, 2023 00:38:04
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E122: Diagnosis and Treatment of Mast Cell Activation Syndrome with Dr. Tania Dempsey

Dr. Dempsey shares her experience in both diagnosing and treating people with MCAS. She always looks for POTS and orthostatic symptoms during diagnosis, as...