E26: POTS Diary with Keeya from Minnesota on Blogs, Dogs, Ticks and Humor

Episode 26 November 23, 2021 00:46:15
E26: POTS Diary with Keeya from Minnesota on Blogs, Dogs, Ticks and Humor
The POTScast
E26: POTS Diary with Keeya from Minnesota on Blogs, Dogs, Ticks and Humor

Nov 23 2021 | 00:46:15


Hosted By

Cathy Pederson Jill Brook

Show Notes

Keeya suffers from mast cell activation syndrome, POTS, and EDS. She appeared on EPSN with a story about her participation in a national dog competition with accommodations for her illness. It's a great story.  Find out how her symptoms have gone into remission!

Her blog is: hellsbellsandmastcells.com

You can read the trancript for this episode here: https://tinyurl.com/esuacbve

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