E46: Neural Retraining with Dr. Kevin Lasko

Episode 46 March 08, 2022 00:46:03
E46: Neural Retraining with Dr. Kevin Lasko
The POTScast
E46: Neural Retraining with Dr. Kevin Lasko

Mar 08 2022 | 00:46:03


Hosted By

Jill Brook Cathy Pederson

Show Notes

Dr. Kevin Lasko approaches POTS and associated syndromes a little differently from most healthcare practitioners. His approach is to determine what part of the central nervous system has been affected and attempt to slowly retrain it to process properly through a variety of eye, balance, and other exercises. Check out this episode for a non-traditional approach to POTS treatment!

You can read the transcript for this episode here: https://tinyurl.com/4xd2pvjv

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